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Everyone Everywhere Needs Waymond Wang

Everyone Everywhere Needs Waymond Wang

Pop Culture Detective

January 3, 2023

If Everything Everywhere all at Once were a normal movie with normal character acs, our original Waymond would essentially turn into Alpha Waymond by the end of the story. He’d learn to temper his sensitivity with an unhealthy dose of aggression, thus transforming from the sweet naive guy who won’t even kill a bug to a domineering dude who takes out a room full of security guards to protect his wife. He might even be given a cathartic “finally grew a spine” moment where he loudly demands a divorce. This type of hypermasculine transformation is a supertrope in storytelling. This is how pop culture reinforces the myth that the correct way to be a man is to be aggressive, intimidating, and most importantly to dominate others. It’s not an exaggeration to say some that kind of power fantasy underpins the origin story of most male heroes in media. But Everything Everywhere all at Once is anything but a typical movie.