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Halsey - So Good (Live At SiriusXM Small Stage Series)

Halsey - So Good (Live At SiriusXM Small Stage Series)


January 31, 2023

Not being able to let go of someone who let go of you seems like one of those universal emotional experiences. Halsey puts words and voice to the experience - the memories that inhabit the places we visited and even the clothes we wore when we together. Similarly, we all wish the person who let us go really was somewhere thinking about us as much as we were thinking about them, one missed connection or phone call away from fixing what’s broken.

What brings extra emotion to this particular performance - because there are several live versions online - is when Halsey gets flustered and botches the lyrics because, as she later admits, the person she’s singing about is in the audience. The performance suddenly becomes its own new story - Why is the other person there? What happened after the song ended, both in the song’s narrative and in real life?

“But I regret just one thing - I never got to change your mind.”