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The Reunion

The Reunion

Kayla Olson

February 2, 2023

The kind of cheesy romance novel I am particularly vulnerable to - formulaic but well-written.

Ransom (his actual name, which is more than a little ridiculous) and Liv were the very best of friends for the six years they played a teenage couple on the hit TV show Girl on the Verge. And, at least as far as Liv was concerned, they could have been something more. But after a falling out during the filming of the final season, they haven’t seen each other (and have barely spoken beyond perfunctory text messages) in well over a decade. The filming of a reunion episode and possible show revival throws them back together, however, and they both seem inclined to pick up where they left off - well on their way to taking their on-screen romance into the real world.

The characters have chemistry but are a little too squeaky clean, complete with tragic backstories and meddling family members. But even though the ending is so telegraphed that it’s all but projected onto the sky in lights, the journey is still an enjoyable one. A quick, frothy read that doesn’t require too much mental energy.