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Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Mango Melona

July 29, 2023

A couple weeks ago I flew back to Denver to visit some friends, retrieve my kid and bring him home for a few weeks in Seattle, and see Taylor Swift in concert. Obviously that last part was the most important.

I had an exceptional time (even with a last-minute wardrobe change because it was brutally hot and the sequins on my jacket kept getting tangled with my hair - a very few photos here). I tailgated at the stadium with some very old Internet friends, including one who flew in from Germany, and despite being in the cheap seats, my view was great and it didn’t take much to get swept up in the energy of the massive crowd and sing and dance along for the entire show, which was over three hours long.

I have a few videos, but this playlist (from Seattle a week later, not either of the Denver shows) has some pretty decent shots of almost the entire show. A few had to be removed before the playlist was hidden, including the first song or two (“Cruel Summer” was great - watch the opening from Atlanta here and a great head-on view of the song from a different Seattle user here - I absolutely scream-sang that bridge along with everyone else). But my favorites survived, including “…Ready for It?” (Reputation is my favorite album), and “Vigilante Shit” (which has a sexy Cabaret vibe). And man… I love hearing the crowd singing along.

BONUS VIDEO: MUNA was one of Taylor’s opening acts, and I’ve been bopping to their 80s synth-y songs since I got home. One That Got Away is on repeat.